Social Contribution Activities : We actively engage in programs to contribute to the society such as sponsored academic courses, sponsorship of joint seminars with universities and establishing various foundations.
Dreams and Vision : Our vision is to present the whole world with abundant home decoration that makes daily life convenient and full of joy.

Introduction of business of Nitori Co., Ltd. including store-based retailing and corporate enterprise.

Our Business

Nitori supports your daily life with products of all kinds for a total coordination by providing reliable service with quality assurance.

Services & Quality Assurance

Nitori Co., Ltd. has continued to grow by mapping out a long-term vision that is global in scope, and based on our desire to "offer the affluence of western homes to people around the world."

Company Information

Nitori Co., Ltd. actively engages in programs to contribute to the society, with efforts such as sponsored academic courses at universities, sponsorship of joint seminars with academic institutions and establishing various foundations.

Social Contribution Activities

Financial information and highlights for stock holders and investors of Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd.

Financial Information

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