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Group Companies

Nitori Group's corporate dream is "to present the whole world with the abundant home decoration that is as splendid as that of the Europe and the USA." We strive to achieve this dream under a long-term global vision.

Group Companies in Japan

Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd.

In August 2010, Nitori Group launched Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd. which also marked our organization's transition to a holding company structure. Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd. manages the business administration of Nitori Group as well as other supplementary business.


Home Logistics Co., Ltd.

Home Logistics Co., Ltd. contributes to lowering Nitori's intermediate costs, helping Nitori provide affordable prices for its products. Home Logistics Co., Ltd. builds efficient distribution networks that ensure prompt product delivery to stores across the country at low delivery costs, as well as storage for products developed overseas.

http://www.homelogi.co.jp (Japanese only)

Nitori Furniture Co., Ltd.

Nitori Furniture Co., Ltd. manufactures Nitori's furniture, including closets, chests, lowboards, sideboards, cupboards, kitchen storage sets and beds. In order to provide high quality products at a low price, Nitori Furniture Co., Ltd. is actively expanding its overseas strategy of procurement and technical guidance.

http://www.kabumaru3.co.jp (Japanese only)

Nitori Public Co., Ltd.

As a member of Nitori Group, Nitori Public Co., Ltd. provides advertising, public relations and growth strategy support for each group company, including Nitori. Nitori Public Co., Ltd. challenges conventional communication strategies, pioneering new values through communication advertising with the goal of becoming the client's most trusted branding partner.

http://www.np-inc.jp (Japanese only)

Nitori Facility Co., Ltd.

Nitori Facility Co., Ltd. pursues cost reduction and provides maintenance for stores and offices of Nitori Group in order to create a comfortable atmosphere for customers. As an insurance agency, it also manages life and property (non-life) insurance as well as offering secure and excellent life planning services for its employees and customers.

Group Companies in America

Nitori USA, Inc


Group Companies in Asia

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