Terms and Conditions Concerning NITORI Membership Service

1. Definitions

  1. The term “NITORI Membership” refers to Membership service provided by NITORI Co., Ltd. (“NITORI”) for individuals in Japan.
  2. The term “Members” refers to an individual (excluding elementary school children or younger) who has registered for the NITORI Membership Service and NITORI has approved admission (the “Membership Registration”) after agreeing to NITORI Membership Terms and Conditions (“This Agreement”).
  3. ”NITORI Net” refers to the online shop serviceOpen a new window managed and operated by NITORI.
  4. ”NITORI Application” shall mean an application for iPhone/Android Terminal equipment (“Terminal Equipment”) provided by NITORI.

2. Application Terms

  1. This Agreement shall apply to Members who has agreed to This Agreement and applied for the NITORI Membership Service. Read This Agreement carefully prior to applying for the Membership. NITORI may change This Agreement without notifying the Members when the changes made in This Agreement, the changed Agreement, and the timing of the change is posted on NITORI’s corporate websiteOpen a new window, and thereafter the revised Agreement shall apply.
  2. When using NITORI stores,DECO HOME stores, NITORI Net, NITORI Application, and“NITORI’s official LINE account”, the terms of use for each service as well as This Agreement will be applied.

3. Matters to be Observed by the Member when using NITORI Membership Services

  1. Members shall be responsible for managing Membership Card and NITORI Net Membership Certificates, NITORI Application Membership Certificates, NITORI’s official LINE Membership Certificates (“Digital Membership Certificates”) and passwords ,etc. NITORI shall not be responsible for any damages to Members due to unauthorized use by any third party.
  2. The Membership Card and Digital Membership Certificates may only be used by the registered Members, and may not be leased, transferred, pledged, or inherited by any third party.

4. NITORI Membership registration and expenses

The procedures for registering for NITORI Membership Service are as follows. Enter valid and accurate information upon registration. NITORI shall not be liable for any damage caused by any falsity or error in the registered information. Minor customers must be registered with the consent of their guardians. NITORI Membership Service fee and annual Membership fee are free of charge. However, the customer shall bear the communication costs for registering for Membership via the Internet and displaying Membership data.

  1. Registration from NITORI Membership Card Application Form
    Please confirm This Agreement on the back of the “NITORI Membership Application Form” at domestic NITORI stores, DECO HOME stores and other certified NITORI target stores (“Target Stores”) and register after completing the required fields of the application form. By completing the above process, registration will be complete, and the Membership Card will be issued. The Membership Card shall be lent, and the possession thereof shall be remained in NITORI.
  2. Registration from NITORI Net, NITORI Application, or NITORI’s official LINE
    Follow the specified procedures from the “New Membership Registration” for each service to complete the Membership registration. If the registration is incomplete and Membership is in a temporary state, Membership benefits stated below in 5 will not be accepted.

5. Details of NITORI Membership Benefits and Methods of Provision

  1. Membership benefits include receiving Membership points that can be used when purchasing products through NITORI, DECO HOME, NITORI Net, and Target Stores, as well as the benefits that are limited to the NITORI Members that are specified from time to time. The contents of Membership benefits may be changed or abolished without prior notice to Members.
  2. Members may receive points by logging in and purchasing through NITORI Net or by presenting Membership Card or Digital Membership Certificate prior to payment at NITORI, DECO HOME, and Target stores in Japan. Points will only be awarded by presenting actual cards or certificates issued by NITORI and will not be awarded by presenting membership card summary application, screen shots of the certificates and so on. In principle, points will not be awarded when purchase is made without logging in to NITORI Net or when the Membership Card or Digital Membership Certificate is not presented during check out. Exceptionally, even in case not presenting the Membership Card or Digital Membership Certificate during check out, points will be awarded only if the purchase statements and the Membership Card or Digital Membership Certificate are brought to the store service counter on the day of the settlement.
  3. One (1) point shall be added per 110 Japanese yen (tax included) of the purchase amount of the applicable products. Fractions of the purchase amount of less than 110 Japanese yen (tax included), service charges and delivery charges other than the purchase amount itself of the products shall not be eligible for the points.
  4. The accumulated points shall be one (1) point per Japanese yen and may be used as in part of or in whole of the purchase amount of products. The points used will be deducted from the balance of the accumulated points. The accumulated points may not be exchanged for cash or gift certificates, etc.
  5. From 1-2 days later after the points are added, the added points can be used by presenting the Membership Card or Digital Membership Certificate at the store cash register or shopping in NITORI Net with login as Members. To use the points on the Digital Membership Certificate, the registration of the Membership information must be completed.
  6. The balance of the accumulated points can be confirmed on the receipt at the time of purchase or on the Digital Membership Certificate from 1-2 days later after the date of the award or use of the points. NITORI will not disclose the history of past points used.
  7. The expiration date of the points earned from January 1st to December 31st in any given year shall be December 31st of the following year, and after this date all unused points earned in the given year will expire.
  8. If a purchased product is returned, NITORI shall handle the points and payment for the returned merchandise as described below, after the Members present the Membership Card and the receipt received at the time of purchase:
    1. The points added at the time of the purchase for the merchandise in question will be deducted.
    2. In principle, refunds will be made in cash when points are used when purchasing the merchandise.
    3. According to other methods prescribed by NITORI.
  9. The points may not be transferred from the Corporate Membership Service “NITORI Corporate Membership Service” to NITORI Membership Card or Digital Membership Certificate or vice versa.
  10. NITORI may verify Members’ identification for Members to receive the Membership benefits. If the identification cannot be verified, NITORI may decline to grant or use Membership benefits.
  11. Membership benefits such as Membership points may not be awarded due to natural disasters, computer system failures and so on.

6. Password Management of Membership Cards and Digital Membership Certificates

  1. Members shall be responsible for managing the Membership Card and passwords for Digital Membership Certificates. In the event where any Membership Card is lost, stolen or damaged, or any points or Membership benefits are used by any third party due to administrative problems of the Membership Card, NITORI shall not be responsible for such use, nor shall any Membership Card be re-loaned (reissued) or a Digital Membership Certificates be reissued, except when there was a willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of NITORI.
  2. In the event of any loss, theft or damage to the Membership Card or any administrative problems related to the Digital Membership Certificates or passwords, Members shall promptly notify NITORI of the event. In this case, the Membership application procedure may be applied for as a new Member.
  3. Applicable points may be transferred to the new card, only upon the request of the Member, to whom the preceding paragraph apply, and applicable Member number has points remaining on the card. For the points transfer procedure, the identity confirmation of the Members must be made based on Article 10.(Identity Confirmation).
  4. Upon completion of the transition procedure, the old Member number will be null and void. Please note that it may take some time to complete the procedure at some Target stores.

7. Change of Members’ Information

In the event of any change in the registered Members’ information, such as Members’ name, address, and telephone number occurs, Members shall notify NITORI at the store or change it on “My Page” of NITORI Net or NITORI Application. The name change is defined as a change of family name or given name and cannot be used to change Members' name for the purpose of transferring the membership. Please note that it may take some time to change Members' name at some Target stores.

8. Handling of Members’ personal information

  1. Members’ personal information such as Members’ name, address, and telephone number, usage, access, purchase history and such of NITORI, DECO HOME, NITORI Net and Target stores (“Member information”) shall be carefully managed by NITORI, DECO HOME, NITORI Net and Target stores.
  2. NITORI, DECO HOME, NITORI Net and Target stores handle Members’ personal information in accordance with the Private Policy on the following website.
    Personal Information Protection PolicyOpen a new window
  3. Members’ information shall not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of use set forth in Article 9 below and shall not be provided to any third party for use jointly with NITORI Group and the Business Allied Company.
  4. Upon receipt of an application from the Members themselves to change, correct, or disclose or discontinue the use of personal information, NITORI shall respond to such request within a reasonable period of time after verifying the identity of such Members in accordance with the prescribed procedures.

9. Purposes of Using Member Information

NITORI may use Members’ information for the following purposes:

  1. To fulfill contracts for products, to manage after the contracts and to provide after-sales service,
  2. To deliver products,
  3. To register and withdraw from NITORI Members and to verify Members’ identity,
  4. To respond to inquiries and consultations,
  5. To contact Members in regard to product recalls and defect information,
  6. To inform Members about products, services and campaigns,
  7. To plan and develop products, to conduct questionnaires or monitoring surveys and for other marketing activities,
  8. To contact Members for business talks and meetings, and
  9. Besides the above #1-8, for purposes with the prior consent of Members.

10. Identity Verification

  1. NITORI verifies the identity of Members when Members’ using Membership benefits, inquiring about the expiration date and number of points held, inquiring about, changing, or correcting Members' registered information, and withdrawing from the membership, based on Members’ presenting of the Membership Card / Digital Membership Certificates or by Members’ logging in to NITORI Net.
  2. In the case of contact by phone, etc., the verification will be made by confirming the Member number, registered phone number and Members’ name verbally.
  3. When necessary, NITORI may require the submission of identification documents to Members.

11. Disqualifications for Membership

  1. If Members fall under any of the following conditions, the Members will be disqualified from membership:
    1. The Members violate this Agreement or any other rules and regulations established by NITORI.
    2. When a false declaration is made at the time of application for membership or change of Members’ information.
    3. When the Members have passed away.
    4. When the Members violate the property rights, privacy rights, intellectual property rights or any other rights or interests of Nitori or a third party.
    5. When the Members commit a criminal act, an act against public order and morals, or any other act that is against the law.
    6. When it is revealed the Members are found to be a member of an organized crime group, a person who ceased to be a member of organized crime group for less than 5 years, a quasi-member of an organized crime group, a member of related company or association of an organized crime group, a member of racketeer groups, a member of groups engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social or political campaigns, a member of crime groups specialized in intellectual crimes or any other person equivalent thereto.
    7. When the Members become insolvent or files a petition for the commencement of bankruptcy proceedings, commencement of civil rehabilitation proceedings, commencement of corporate reorganization proceedings, commencement of special liquidation proceedings, or commencement of similar proceedings;
    8. When the Members are adjudicated for commencement of guardianship, commencement of curatorship, or commencement of assistance;
    9. When the Members are either a minor, an adult ward, a person under curatorship, or a person under assistance and have not obtained the consent of a legal representative, guardian, curator, or assistant.
    10. When the Members fail to respond to a NITORI inquiry or other NITORI’s request for response for 30 days or more.
    11. When NITORI deems the Members inappropriate as Members for any other reason.
  2. In the case prescribed in the preceding paragraph, NITORI will revoke the Members’ Membership Card and/or Digital Membership Certificates and the Members will lose their membership. The accumulated points for such Members shall become null and void due to the loss of Membership. In such a case, NITORI will not be liable for any damage due to the loss of Membership, and the Member shall return the Membership Card to NITORI.

12. Withdrawal of Membership

  1. Members may withdraw from Membership at any time. When withdrawing from Membership, the Members shall submit a Membership cancellation form to NITORI, DECO HOME or Target stores (Membership Card shall be returned if lent). To withdraw from NITORI Net, log in and complete the withdrawal procedure on “My page” of NITORI Net. In some Target stores, it may take some time to complete the withdrawal procedure.
  2. The accumulated points of the applicable Member shall expire upon withdrawal from Membership.

13. Membership Inquiries

Contact NITORI Customer Service Center for any questions or concerns about disclosure,correction, or suspension of use of Members’ information.

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(Revised on September 2, 2020)