Terms and Conditions

Article 1 Member Qualifications

The term "Member" means an individual (however, excluding a child of elementary school age or younger) who has applied to become a member after reading and agreeing to the NITORI Membership Card (the "Membership Card") Terms and Conditions ("these Rules"), and who has been approved as a member by NITORI Co., Ltd. ("the Company").

Article 2 Loan (Issuance) of NITORI Membership Card and Cost

  1. The Company will loan (issue) one (1) Membership Card to one (1) individual who has submitted an application after entering the required information on the NITORI Membership Card Application Form ("the Application Form") specified by the Company. The Company shall retain ownership title to the Membership Card.
  2. The membership fee and annual membership fee pertaining to the loan (issue) of the Membership Card shall be free of charge.
  3. Members shall be the only individuals granted the right to use a Membership Card. Members are not permitted to loan or assign their Membership Card to a third party or provide their Membership Card as collateral, or allow an heir to succeed to their Membership Card.
  4. It is required for the one(1) individual to sign their signature upon the membership card; if a membership card without a signature is presented, it may be necessary to ask for the individual's identification.This could result in the membership card being denied for the particular transaction.

Article 3 Contents and Provision of Member Privileges

  1. By presenting the Membership Card at the Company's stores in Japan ("Stores"), Members can receive the points prescribed in the following paragraphs of this Article and other membership privileges the Company prescribes from time to time.
  2. Members shall be able to receive points only when they show their Membership Card at a cash register at one of the Company's Stores before paying for their purchases. Members shall not be able to receive points when they do not present their Membership Card at the time of purchase or after they have paid for their merchandise at the cash register. The Company cannot assign points when it is unable to confirm a Member's identity.
  3. Points will be added at one (1) point for every one hundred (100) yen shown in the "total amount excluding tax" on the purchase receipt. Points will not be added for amounts of less than one hundred (100) yen. Amounts other than merchandise prices such as service charges and delivery fees shall be excluded for the purposes of points additions.
  4. Members shall be able to use accumulated points for all or part of a product payment in units of one (1) yen for one (1) point. The points used will be subtracted from received points. The Company will not exchange points for cash, gift certificates or other items.
  5. Members can use points following the day the points were added.
    1. (1)Customers must show either their membership card or the ID code within the Nitori App if they would like to use their accumulated points. If the customer has neither, they shall not be able to use the accumulated points for said transaction.
    2. (2)If the customer wishes to use their points using the ID code within the Nitori App, the points may not be applied correctly unless the member information within the App is confirmed.
  6. The remaining point balance is shown on the receipt given to Members at the time of payment.
  7. The expiration date of points received during the period starting January 1 of each year to December 31 of the same year shall be December 31 of the following year. Points that have not been used before the expiration date will be invalidated.
  8. If a purchased product is returned, the Company shall administer the points and payment for the returned goods as explained below after the Member has presented his/her Membership Card and the receipt received at the time of purchase.
    1. (1)The points added at the time of purchase for the merchandise in question will be subtracted.
    2. (2)When a product purchased using points is returned, any points that were used for the purchase will be restored.
    3. (3)In the case that the Company cannot clearly identify how many points were used to purchase a product, such as when repayment for the product is less than the points used or when only a portion of the products shown on the receipt will be returned, the Company will reimburse the payment in cash instead of points.
    4. (4)When goods are returned and if points assigned at the time of purchase of the merchandise in question cannot be used, such as after the points expiration date, the Company will subtract the points from the existing total points or settle the return in cash.
    5. (5) According to other methods prescribed by the Company.
  9. In some situations Members may be unable to use the Membership Card or the Company may be unable to add points as a result of natural disaster, computer system failure or other contingency. Your understanding is appreciated.

Article 4 Membership Card Loss, Theft or Damage

  1. In the case of an event such as the loss, theft, defacement or damage of the Membership Card, the Company will not re-loan (re-issue) the Membership Card regardless of the reason, except when the event occurred because of a reason attributable to the Company. Please note that in such cases, the total points received until that time will be invalidated. However, if a Member presents a form of identification providing evidence that the Member is the owner of the lost, stolen or damaged card, the Member can apply for a new card, and the points earned will be transferred to the newly issued Membership Card. This transfer process may take up to a several days. Upon completion of transfer of the points, the lost, stolen or damaged card will become invalid. Members should bring personal identification documents such as a driver's license and health insurance card with them for the transfer procedure.
  2. If the Membership Card is used by a third party as a result of a loss, theft or any other reason, the Company will not assume any responsibility even if the Member sustains damages.
  3. When the Membership Card has been lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise rendered unusable, the Member shall report this immediately to one of the Company's Stores.

Article 5 Administration of Member Information

  1. Information stored at store locations from the individual's membership card, such as: name, address, birthday, sex, phone numbers, e-mail address and purchasing history(henceforth known as "membership history", shall not be used for purposes other than those depicted in Article 6. The information shall not be passed onto any other third party members besides those within the Nitori group and business partnerships. The only exception to the previous statement is if the law requires the information of members, in which case we shall provide the information to a third party.
  2. The Company will rigorously manage and save Member Information, and will dispose of Personal Information using an appropriate procedure at a time the Company prescribes.
  3. When the Company receives a request from a Member to revise or correct information such as the Member's name, address or telephone number, to disclose the Member Information or to suspend the use, the Company will respond to the request in a rational period of time to an appropriate extent, after the identity verification has been done according to the protocol.

Article 6 Purpose of Member Information

The Company may use Member Information for the following purposes.

  1. (1) Create a contract in regards to the products from our company, oversee the details after the contract period, and provide after-care services.
  2. (2) To deliver products
  3. (3) Oversee the following: registering membership cards, removal of membership as well as manage points on the card
  4. (4) To be available for questions and concerns
  5. (5) To contact the member in regards to recalls and other product defect information
  6. (6) To notify member of products, services, campaigns, membership deals, and fairs
  7. (7) To conduct product development, survey and monitor research
  8. (8) To contact for business meetings
  9. (9) Other items besides #1-7, with previous permission from member

Article 7 Forfeiture of Membership Qualifications

Members shall forfeit their Member qualifications when any of the following paragraphs apply, and their received points shall be invalidated.
In this event, the Member shall return the Membership Card to the Company immediately.

  1. (1)When a Member has violated these Rules and the Company has judged the individual to be ineligible as a Member.
  2. (2)When a Member falsifies or omits material facts on an application when applying for or revising a membership.
  3. (3)When a Member has not used the Membership Card for forty-eight (48) months from the last point registration month, the Member shall lose his or her membership at the end of that month.
  4. (4)When a Member does not consent to these Rules.
  5. (5)At other times the Company has judged an individual to be ineligible as a Member.

Article 8 Cancellation of Membership

A Member shall be able to relinquish membership at any time. When relinquishing membership, the Member shall submit a Membership Cancellation Form to any location and return the Membership Card. When a Member relinquishes membership, any accumulated points will be invalidated.

Article 9 Change or Elimination of Membership Privileges

The Company shall be able to revise or abolish the membership privileges and content of programs under these Rules at any time without Members' prior consent. Your understanding is appreciated.

Article 10 Membership Inquiries

Please contact the Customer Service Center for inquiries about these rules, membership privileges, as well as the disclosure and correction of Member Information, suspension of use or any other related matters.
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