Delivery and Assembly Services

Make moving easier! We deliver anywhere in the country

NITORI offers delivery service for furniture priced over a certain dollar amount.
We also provide a delivery service for all other items, a light-weight truck rental service and an assembly service.

Delivery Service

Delivery Method

The delivery method differs depending on the purchased product.

Product Category Details of Delivery Service
Self-assembly product We will deliver your order to your doorsteps.
NITORI-assembly product NITORI’s delivery staff will deliver your order to your doorsteps.
Our delivery staff will deliver, assemble and set up your product inside your home.
They will also collect all packing materials.

Delivery method for NITORI assembly furniture (NITORI delivery).

(tax excluded)

Delivery date Shipping fee
Drop off DeliveryAssemble and set up
Weekdays ¥0 ¥1,000
Saturday, Sunday and holidays ¥1,000 ¥2,000

Shipping fees in some stores will be, drop off delivery on weekdays1,000yen, weekends and holidays 2,000yen and if you would like your items to be assembled and set up, it will cost an additional assembly fee (*).
Please contact us by calling, or ask our staff for details about stores with different shipping fees.
*assembly fee: 4% of the total cost of the product to assemble, or cost (250yen, 500yen, 1,000yen, 2,000yen, 4,000yen)per product .

Delivery method for self-assembly furnitures and others(drop off delivery).

The delivery fee starts from 500 yen (tax excluded), and depends on the amount of purchase and size of products.
For online shopping delivery fees, Please click here (Japanese language only)Open a new window for more details.

(tax excluded)

Total purchased amount Home delivery fee
1 yen - 5,000 yen 500 yen
5,001 yen - 10,000 yen 1,000 yen
over 10,001 yen 1,500 yen

There will be different shipping fee for large packaged products.

  • Note: Certain locations may require an additional fee and or cost.
  • Note: Some products may not be delivered.

Details of NITORI delivery service.

  1. Deliveries to NITORI’s non-designated areas.
    Additional charges and fees may be applied in some areas, please ask staff at our store locations for details.
  2. Delivery on a specific date/day of week:
    Please note that the delivery day may be predetermined for some destinations.
  3. Delivery at a specific time:
    Payment is required for selecting time for your delivery.
  4. Notification about delivery time:
    After the delivery route is determined, we will contact you by telephone to inform of the delivery time (within a 2-hour time slot) or one or two days before the actual delivery date. (For certain areas, customers may be contacted on the day of delivery.) Please note that if you register your mobile phone number, we will contact you by SMS.

Additional Information

Please note that for certain areas, the delivery may either be earlier or later than scheduled time due to concentrated deliveries on weekends and holidays.

Free truck rental service

Free truck rental service

We offer a free lightweight truck rental service for customers who purchase furniture, futon duvet sets, carpet and other large items at our stores.
Each rental time is up to 90 minutes with a maximum load of 350 kg. Truck rental is available during store business hours.
Some stores have different operating hours for this service. Please ask the store staff for details.

Note: Not available at some stores.

product assembly service

We accept requests for product delivery and assembly. If you require these services, please ask our store staff.

  • Note: Delivery can take up to a few days.
  • Note: Deliveries to NITORI’s non-designated areas will require an additional fee/actual delivery cost. In some cases we may not be able to accommodate your delivery requests.
  • Note: Products will be delivered from the NITORI Delivery Center. The delivery will include product assembly and installation by our delivery staff.

(tax excluded)

Assembling/Delivery/Setup Fee 2,000 yen - 7,000 yen per product

Furniture collection service

If a furniture item purchased is delivered from the NITORI Distribution Center, we will also take your unwanted furniture for a fee if the number of furniture items or the volume is the same as that of your order.
For more information, please ask our store staff.