Quality Assurance

NITORI provides a 1-year warranty for items including interior items and self-assembly furniture, and a 5-year warranty for items such as tables, sofas, beds and other furniture.

5 Year Warranty / 1 Year Warranty
  • 30 Year Warranty
    sofa and mattress (our own factory products only)
    *Coverage: structural components such as springs, frames and sofa legs, etc.
  • 5 Year Warranty
    Furniture, including dining tables, chairs, sofas, beds, sideboards, desks and drawers.
  • 1 Year Warranty
    Interior items, including clocks, lighting, floor chairs and bedding, appliances, self-assembly furniture.

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Details of NITORI Quality Assurance

When a NITORI product fails or does not perform as expected despite being used in compliance with the user’s manual during the warranty period, we will repair it for free of charge, or replace it, whichever we deem appropriate.

Products covered by the warranty

All products sold by NITORI are covered by the warranty with the exception of the following:
- Personal hygiene products (Toilet products).
- Consumables including felt pads, cleaning products, light bulbs and batteries.
- Made-to-order products.

Warranty period

Applicable to products that specify warranty period on "warranty period column" or "warranty card".
(1 year warranty is also appliacable to items that do not specify warranty period on the column.)

Not covered by warranty

Any damages caused by commercial use is not covered by the warranty.
(Products on the Corporate Sales Business catalogs are covered by separate warranty.)
Consumable products(e.g. light bulbs, batteries, cleaning products, candles, aroma oil and caster wheels) are not covered by the warranty.
See the Terms of Warranty for details.

Definition of the delivery date

The delivery date is the day stated in the delivery description. If the delivery date changes, please make a note of it on the delivery description. When you ask to change the delivery date, NITORI will confirm the new date.
The delivery date of small interior products and other products purchased in our stores is the date of the sale indicated on your cash register receipt.

Terms of Warranty

  1. If a product breaks of malfunctions during the warranty period, we will repair it free of charge or replace it at our discretion if it has been used in accordance with the instructions. When you make a purchase, please contact NITORI Customers Service or the store where you made your purchase.
  2. In the following cases, we will charge for repairs, even during the warranty period:
    • a. Malfunction or damage caused by transporting, moving or dropping the product after its delivery.
    • b. Malfunction or damage caused by failure to comply with precautionary items in the user’s manual, or by using the product in a way that exceeds its specifications.
    • c. Malfunction or damage caused by repair work or modification by any company other than NITORI.
    • d. Malfunction or damage caused by using for business. (Products on the Corporate Sales Business catalogs are covered by separate warranty)
    • e. Malfunction or damage caused by earthquake, fire, lightning, abnormal voltage, wind or water damage, salt damage, and or any other natural disasters.
    • f. Failure to show the warranty certificate, and unable to confirm warranty period.
    • g. The sinking of cushioning materials such as sofas and mattresses.
    • h. Scratch of outer leather(fabric), hydrolysis and surface hardening of synthetic leather, color change and cracks of genuine leather, fading due to sunlight, etc.
    • i. Wear, scratches, dirt, fading, etc. caused by daily use.
    • j. Consumable products (e.g. light bulbs, batteries, cleaning products, candles, aroma oil and caster wheels)
    • k. Defective parts specified of outlet products.
    • l. Other exceptions stipulated by NITORI.
  3. Parts controlled or moved by electricity such as controllers, heaters, lights, codes and PCB/PWB are under warranty for one year.
    Howevery, electric functional parts of power reclining sofas and electric beds equal to the warrant period of the product itself.
  4. We may use replacement parts with a different external appearance when repairing or exchanging a product.
  5. We may ask the customer to pay for transportation and associated costs.
  6. The warranty is valid only in Japan.
  7. Unless otherwise specified, the warranty is valid only when the product has been used within the household.
  8. The warranty period of a product by the manufacturer is the longer of two periods: the manufacturer's warranty period, or the NITORI warranty period.
    NITORI promises to perform repairs free of charge during the warranty period and under the conditions clearly stipulated on the product description which you will receive with each product you purchase. This warranty does not restrict the rights of our customers under the law.
    If you have any questions about repairs after the warranty period has expired, please contact NITORI Customer Service or the store where you made your purchase.


Please refrain from re-selling any of our products after purchase.

We may refuse to sell further products to customers who have re-sold products in some cases. Our policies on returns, exchanges, repairs, refunds and warranties are only applicable to customers who have purchased products directly from ourselves. If using any of the above services, please present the receipt you received upon purchase, your delivery slip (customer copy) or your membership card.

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